Why did we choose our bags?

Why did we choose our bags?

Our top 3 goals in choosing a new bag were:

1) Function – preserving the integrity of our fresh roasted coffee (including mail orders that are shipped all over the country)

2) Form – creating a graphic design that best represents our company’s brand and mission statement using our newly updated clean & simple logo

3) Environmental footprint – choosing a company that prioritizes environmentally friendly /sustainable practices in both their production methods and products.

After researching multiple packaging companies, Savor Brands stood out to us as being the best company to meet all of our goals.  Most of all, we were very impressed by their marketing integrity and transparency when it came to their stance on how their products impact the environment.  Initially, we wanted nothing other than a biodegradable bag.  However, after researching the few international packaging giants who market some of their products as “biodegradable”, we discovered that these pricey products were quite deceptive.  The arcane, specific requirements for the product to actually decompose were unrealistic.   Savor Brands does not offer a completely biodegradable bag – yet!  Their research and development team is always researching new technology and production methods that will allow them to create a bag that can provide stability for the product while in the package, as well as realistic biodegradable properties.

The bags we now use are lined with an aluminum layer.  The purpose of the aluminum is to prevent the decay of acidic products, like coffee beans.  There is a one way valve on our bags to allow the beans to degas, or naturally emit carbon dioxide after a roast. Beans are optimal for grinding and brewing after degassing for one or two days.  This valve allows the beans to degas, while blocking any oxygen from entering back in.  Oxygen is the enemy of coffee. Coffee beans absorbs oxygen, which causes beans to lose flavor in week.  Ground coffee exposed to oxygen will begin to lose flavor within an hour. The one way valve  keeps our coffee fresher for longer.   Because we wanted to offer a better product for our customers, we spent the time to research the best options available for all of our needs.  Our new bags are 100% recyclable.  Savor brands has partnered with TerraCycle, an international leader in comprehensive recycling.  Please read the attached information from Chelsea Hayurst at Savor’s corporate headquarters in Hawaii:

“We are working to provide the most efficient solution to recycle our coffee bags since we do not carry compostable or biodegradable bags. Here is our stance on sustainability… Our main goal is to provide premium quality packaging to protect the carbon footprint that was created during the farm to roast process. This is why we line our bags with aluminum to make sure we protect the beans from the three main enemies of coffee: light, moisture and air. We believe that by maximizing the longevity of the shelf life of each coffee bag, we are protecting  the hard work and energy required to bring each batch from the farmer, to the roaster to the end customer.”

If you go to savorbrands.com you can read about their new Zero Waste program, specifically for recycling their coffee bags.  Thanks to Savor Brands, we will now have a dedicated collection box in our store to give customers an easy way to recycle their bags. Bring your old coffee bags in today and everyday to help us save the planet!



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