Saratoga Springs

Coffee, tea, and breakfast items at our Saratoga location

Opened in 1992 as Uncommon Grounds Coffee and Tea, Saratoga Springs is our flagship store. Located in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs, Uncommon Grounds has become a quintessential part of this historic city. Regulars and tourists alike are drawn to the warmth and casual atmosphere of this community café. With comfortable seating areas inside and an inviting outdoor café for prime people-watching, Uncommon Grounds Saratoga Springs has become a thriving social hub. The most common denominator among our customers is their love for fresh-roasted coffee and NYC style bagels. A focal point of the café is our Probat roaster, where all our specialty Arabica coffees are carefully roasted in 20-pound micro-batches. Together with our bagels, crafted and baked daily in our full bakery, our Saratoga Springs café is a multi-sensory experience to savor and enjoy.

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Uncommon Grounds Coffee and Bagels