El Salvador Finca Hungria RFA, FTO


Balanced with medium body and low acidity.

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Finca Hungria

This unique coffee from Finca Hungria grows at the foothills of the Ilamatepec volcano in Santa Ana. Shade grown under a dense canopy of native trees, this organic, RFA certified coffee is smooth, sweet, and low in acidity.  Finca Hungria has also earned the prestigious “Bird Friendly” (SMBC) certification.   Prioritizing a lush agroforest benefits migratory birds, captures carbon, and fosters the slow maturation of coffee cherries.

Coffee is priced and sold in one pound (16oz.) bags.

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Our friends at Royal Coffee New York have produced this video.  A glimpse inside father and son’s coffee farm called Finca Santa Maria located over 1,000 meters above San Salvador, El Salvador.

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